Safety & Security Window Films

In the event a break-in or storm sends hail or other debris at your windows, SmartView safety film has your back! Our safety film gives you a powerful barrier of protection, thanks to a layer of heavy-duty polyester that bonds onto the inside of your windows. This will prevent shards of glass from flying everywhere, making your clean up a thing of the past!

Better protect you and your family with SmartView safety films

To better suite your needs SmartView offers 2 safety films:

  1. Clear safety film – this film is completely invisible to the eye, yet still one of your best defenses against natural disasters, theft or intrusion, and everyday accidents.
  2. All in one Safety film – This Film offers our solar reflective technology along with our safety and security defense.

Added Benefits with our safety film:

  • Improve Shatter Resistance
  • Lessen accidental Damage
  • Help Deter Burglars
  • Block UV Rays*
  • Reflect Heat*
*These options are only available for the all in one safety film.

Without SmartView ShatterGuard

Without SmartView ShatterGuard

With SmartView ShatterGuard

With SmartView ShatterGuard
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